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BuyFi partners With Facebook to Offer Local Ads That Can Be Measured

Facebooks newest ad format “Local Ads” are a great way to reach people when they’re near your business, whether that means walking distance or a few miles. But there is one big problem. The ads are not measurable. Facebook cannot provide ROI numbers. So how does a business know if the ads are working to grow revenues? How do you calculate the Life Time Value of customers who are acquired because of Facebook Ads?

We released a Local Ads app on Clover to solve this problem, and fb_localads_logocan now prove that your Facebook ad campaign really makes people walk into your store and buy stuff. We do this by analyzing purchasing patterns and matching them to your Facebook advertising. You will know if your Facebook ad spend is bringing you valuable customers. It is simple to get started. Connect your Facebook page to our app and create ads in our app. It is very simple – set a budget, choose a photo and then create an engaging offer for the people in your area. We will push the ad to Facebook, and provide the coupon tracking code for Facebook to distribute to customers in your neighborhood. And, we do the rest to prove (or disprove) if the ads are working.


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Customer Referral rewards app now on Clover

We finally launched the referral rewards program on Clover, now available to all First Data merchants on the Station device and the Mini/Mobile terminals. The response in the first couple of weeks has been phenomenal. It is still early days for our app, but we hope to educate and get the local merchantsApp image successful with a type of rewards program that has allowed large Internet companies such as Uber and Dropbox acquire millions of customers virally.

A study by The Wharton School of Business shows that a referred customer is 18 percent more likely to stay with the business over time than the average customer.  Description below.

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BuyFi now available for e-commerce merchants

We turned our attention to online merchants this month and released our marketing automation/loyalty/analytics app on two e-commerce platforms.  While e-commerce has matured considerably over the last decade, there is still an opportunity for us to make a dent with fully automated and reasonably priced service which will allow merchants to easily personalize the customer shopping experience and…

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