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Monthly Archive: : June 2015

The moral imperative for helping small businesses

Who is a small business owner? A singular definition would be that it is someone who does not want to work for someone else.  They want to be their own boss. By extension, they do not want to do anything that does not interest them. This means everything that needs to be done for a business to…

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by Murgesh Navar

Tracking brick-and-mortal sales attributable to online advertising

The US census bureau chart below shows how small e-commerce still is. 93% of all dollars are still spent in the store, locally.


Most marketers are still stumped as to how to establish causation between their online efforts and sales lift in the store.  Earlier this year, Facebook announced a new tool Conversion Lift measurement to help advertisers determine how Facebook ads determine their bottom line. This tool requires businesses to upload their sales data into Facebook and is restricted to larger accounts. Google, not surprisingly, has also has been working on a solution to tie clicks on search ads back to in-store traffic, called Store Visits. Store traffic  in the case of Google is determined by user proximity to the advertiser’s location on Google Maps. PetSmart, part of Google’s case study, states 10% of clicks on ads lead to a store visit. Tracking store visits apart, tracking actual sales lift is still very complicated. Read More

Thanks to all ISOs of First Data

Thanks to all First Data ISOs who met us at the annual conference in Atlanta. Big Thanks to First Data for giving us a booth presence and introducing us to all the great ISOs who are actively transforming the local business, helping millions of local merchants become more efficient in the way they do business. Beyond credit card processing….. into helping merchants strengthen relationship with their customers.


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